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Hi everyone! My name is liv. I’m a singer-songwriter based out of Glenham! I’m a born and raised HVer and I’m so excited to meet y’all.

Let’s play a fun get to know you game. What song would you show aliens if they came down to earth?!?

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Jordan Koschei

Jordan Koschei


Hey liv, this is such a good question! A little tricky, too — I'm tempted to choose my favorite song, but if I'm trying to introduce aliens to human music and culture, I suppose I'd have to choose a song that's representative of everything good about it.

For classical music, I'd show them Vivaldi's Four Seasons. For jazz, A Love Supreme by John Coltrane. And for pop music, I'd go with something classic and mainly acoustic... maybe Heart of Gold by Neil Young.

Or maybe I'd scrap all that and go straight for All Star by Smash Mouth. That'd get them into both earth music and meme culture.

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