Mark Mendelis

Mark Mendelis

Saugerties / Ulster County

I've worked at some of the best ad agencies in the US, helping companies crack their marketing challenges. Now a full-time Saugerties resident looking to connect with clients and fellow creative collaborators. Copywriting. Branding. Creative direction.

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Maybe you're a new business in the region in need of brand development and marketing expertise.

Or you're an established company that could use a fresh look to solidify market presence and push business growth.

Or maybe you're a fellow creative just looking to grab a drink and possibly work together.

All are welcome and encouraged to get in touch at

With over 20 years’ experience in the advertising business, I have a stable of excellent partners I can call on if needed: art directors, graphic designers, directors, strategists, etc.

Doing insightful, unexpected work that works. That's what first got me into the business, and it remains my passion today.

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